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Risks come in all shapes and sizes. To meet this demand, Allen Continuity builds partnerships with other organizations to bring their training to our clients. Check here for a complete list of certifications we offer through our various partnerships.

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 Online Bookstore

The team at Allen Continuity is dedicated to providing high-quality, low-cost materials for personal growth and group studies in a ministry context. We seek to bless others out of the knowledge and experience God has gifted to our team.

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Workshops & Seminars

One of the biggest risks to a church or ministry is lack of training for leaders and volunteers. ACS seeks to tackle this issue by offering a variety of teaching opportunities for ministry leaders.

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Workbooks &
Study Guides

Study guides are a great resource to facilitate discussion among groups and promote critical thinking for individuals. Check out our selection of resources designed to offer perspective and insight on topics of risk in life and ministry.

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Free Resources

We recognize that pastors all over the world may not be able to afford the resources being produced here in the United States. It is our mission to provide these free resources to ministry leaders serving in some of the most impoverished countries.

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Blogposts & Articles

As history unfolds in front of us, it is imperative for ministry leaders stay encouraged and grounded in scripture. Our team hopes to publish posts that remind all readers of the power and love of God.

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